Personal Training

Cathryn earned her Personal Fitness Trainer certification from the American Council on Exercise in 1995. She was immediately employed as a Personal Fitness Trainer by 24 Hour Fitness.  During the five years that she worked for the company, she learned that two very important components were missing from their programs: Mind and Spirit.   Members of the gym were taught to focus on their outer appearance, and after months and months of hard, physical labor, they wondered why they weren’t getting the results they expected.

Cathryn suspected that the reason her clients were having trouble reaching their goals,  was because the mind and spirit were not included in the fitness program.

That led to her leaving the gym and starting her own freelance, personal training business that serves the whole client:  Mind, Body, and Spirit  

Cathryn saves space in her schedule each week for personal training clients because she loves the work so much. She explains “helping clients find their power by setting goals, working hard, and reaching their target is so rewarding (for them and me) that it reinforces my desire to keep doing this work.”

House calls are available in the East Bay, California.  Also available by Skype.

You don’t need special equipment to get a good workout at home. A few free weights and a yoga mat can do the trick.


There are two personal training packages available:

Personal Training Packages

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