Need free advice? Ask Cathryn- Intuitive Coach, Light Worker

Welcome!  This is your ONE STOP site for Mind, Body, and Spirit health!  If you are challenged in one or more of these areas, then you are unable to experience the beautiful life that’s your birthright!

I am currently writing a book based on my life and life lessons that have helped me evolve into the person I am now.  You can use those lessons to avoid pain and suffering and have a life of peace.    Read an excerpt from the book here: FAQs  

Are you facing a challenge right now?  Are you trying to make an important decision but feel confused?  I’d like to help you.  

This is a safe space where anyone can ask a question about anything.  I will respond in 48 hours or less.   My answers will be based on my education and experience.  If you’re looking for someone to bounce ideas off of, or if you just need a non-judgmental listener, this is the place♥.  You can also contact me privately and confidentially.   My goal for this site (and future book) is to help you anyway I can. 

Subjects you might have questions about:  the meaning of life, why you are here on this planet right now, relationships, nutrition, exercise, health, emotional wellness, psychology, spirituality, meditation, intuition, shamanism, energy and energy work, Feng Shui, integrity, strength in character, personal honor, fear, courage, volunteering, depression, happiness, pets, advocacy, writing, problems in the world today and possible solutions, illness, injury, disability, recovery, respite, self care, self love, finances, addiction, school, work, our education system….The possibilities are endless.  If there is a subject you want to discuss and it’s not mentioned here, please, start a conversation with me!  It’s likely someone else wants to talk about that same subject.

If you don’t have any questions and/or you’re not into conversation, check out the Services I offer.  There are many ways we can work together